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Forum gone. Want to write something?

I’ve just taken the forum off because it’s been hit quite hard by some very spammy link building in the last few weeks. I was keeping an eye on it to see how it went… but it’s just gone up a gear.

I know the world is a small place, hell 30-40% of my work is still based in the UK, 1/2 a world away from Brisbane BUT I don’t really think Web Development Chennai and SEO Chennai are really all that relevant to a bunch of Brisbane based web developers. I’d be much happier with…

* Let me know if you want a link, author details below.

So the forum is gone. What now?

Well there was one good thread on there so I’ll pull that out and make it into a blog post crediting those involved.

Guest Posts

An idea… I wondered if members want to contribute content then they should contact me and I can arrange for them to be able to submit something, getting full author credit for it of course.

I’m going to post on here a bit more often and if members could contribute something about recent meetups (I’ve not been for a while – too much UK work – late into the nights) that would be awesome.


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